Conversations in my Head

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We have a game in our home.  It has no name.  It’s really simple.  Whenever the clock shows a time that’s sequential (4:56, 2:34) or a multiple (2:22, 11:11) we call it, either by shouting the time, “Eleven eleven!,” calling on the phone and shouting into the ear of the answerer or texting it.  We also include 2:46 and backwards times like 5:43, and then there’s 4:11 and 9:11 as well as a couple of private times.  After calling out your time you have the super-exciting satisfaction of winning that round and everyone tells you, “Good Job.”  It’s fun.  Some days we’re all over it, and others we can go all day without calling a single time (that’s a waste of time if I ever heard one).  Anywho, the other day I was lounging on the couch watching, “Bates Motel” since Hot Joe was gone and does not enjoy that show and I do.  I looked to the clock and noticed that it was 2:34.  The following is – no kidding – the conversation that ensued in my head as soon as I noticed the time.

It’s 2:34.  I wonder if Hot Joe noticed. (silence) Hm.  I should text him but I really don’t want to sit up.  I still have time.  I wonder when it turned 2:34.  Maybe I should just yell it to Noah.  I don’t feel like it.  I still have time.  If I sit up and pick up the phone and text it I’ll run out of time.  I totally could have done all that; it’s still 2:34.  I could still yell.  I just don’t feel like it. I still have t-oh, it’s 2:35.  Too bad.


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