A Letter to Kitty Paw

Posted on Feb 21, 2012 in Blogging, Humor, Pets | 15 comments


Kitty Paw is looking for love and didn’t want to go the cat.com route so she asked her mom, Ashley, to talk to her friends and see if there were any eligible lovers out there for her.  My parents’ dog Molly, though she is a bit on the older side and a little neurotic, expressed an interest in meeting Kitty Paw this weekend while we were having dinner with the family.  Here is Molly’s letter to Kitty Paw. 

Please wish Molly luck.

If Kitty Paw is interested in trying something new, please have her contact me through my Contact Me page or comment me below and I will pass the message on to Molly via my parents.

Thank you.

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  1. Lenore

    Molly is one cute ‘puppy’!!

  2. Mom

    Dear Kitty Paw,
    Molly really is a great lady. Although she does have some “weight issues” just look at her as more to love. In spite of her weight, she does remain extremely flexible. However, she does like to sleep on her back which sometimes does cause her to snore.

  3. Grace

    Kitty Paw, go for it ! Love comes in all shapes, sizes and cute “puppy” dogs :)

  4. Ashley Sisk

    Awwww that’s really sweet – Kitty Paw loves it.

  5. Nami

    Good luck, Molly…am I missing something here?

  6. Ida

    Very cute love note and Molly is a doll.

  7. Tezzie

    :) Absolutley adorable! (and, your comment above totally cracked me up: “Molly wants to have lesbian sex with a member of the opposite pet”…very clever LOL)

  8. My Inner Chick

    –I love Molly :))

    a d o r a b l e. xx

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